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JP-S6024169-A: Preparation of extract of pollen patent, JP-S60242093-A: Multicolor forming type thermal recording material patent, JP-S60242978-A: Detector for length of axial part patent, JP-S60242999-A: Defective removing cutting controller for tabular sheet patent, JP-S60243609-A: Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer patent, JP-S60245279-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S60245487-A: Drive control circuit for motor patent, JP-S60246122-A: Differentiation gain measuring circuit patent, JP-S60248168-A: Plate for screening patent, JP-S60249857-A: Primary winding assembly for igniting magnet generator and method of forming same patent, JP-S60249956-A: Table detachable operation table patent, JP-S60250827-A: Bending method of wave-form curved material patent, JP-S60251118-A: Manufacture of corpuscular silica patent, JP-S60251573-A: Disk cassette patent, JP-S60251881-A: Human limphoblastoid cell line and hybridomer induced therefrom patent, JP-S60252081-A: Fuel tank structure of motorcycle, etc. patent, JP-S60252145-A: Piston patent, JP-S60252259-A: Checking pig of pipeline patent, JP-S6025479-A: Clock patent, JP-S60255475-A: Ink ribbon cassette patent, JP-S60255674-A: Manufacture of silicon nitride sintered body patent, JP-S60256209-A: Chip type piezoelectric resonator patent, JP-S60256572-A: Reciprocating pump provided with automatic gas purging mechanism patent, JP-S60257045-A: Deflection yoke patent, JP-S60257548-A: Manufacture of molding material for sealing patent, JP-S60257782-A: Actuator patent, JP-S60258480-A: Manufacture of silicon dioxide film patent, JP-S60259212-A: Nursing robot for infant patent, JP-S60259759-A: Egr controller for diesel engine patent, JP-S60259918-A: Multiple wavelength excitation photometer patent, JP-S60260354-A: Thermal head patent, JP-S60260751-A: Hydraulic control device of automatic speed change gear patent, CN-2711792-Y: 迷你机箱 patent, JP-S60260754-A: Control device of stepless speed change gear for car patent, JP-S60261505-A: Filtration device patent, JP-S60261563-A: Froth flotation method for powdered coal mineral dressing patent, JP-S60261580-A: Sampling inspection device for blank patent, JP-S60262002-A: Method and apparatus for detecting burr position patent, JP-S60262274-A: Data collection system patent, JP-S60263023-A: High-frequency heating device patent, JP-S60263080-A: Vertical type drier patent, JP-S60263445-A: Manufacture of bump for semiconductor device patent, JP-S60263889-A: Fuel aggregate patent, JP-S60264156-A: Recorder patent, JP-S602652-A: Thermally formed copper-base product manufactured by continuous casting machine patent, JP-S6026976-A: Electrophotographic recording method patent, JP-S6027388-A: Plasmid patent, JP-S6028750-A: Cooling structure of stator coil patent, JP-S6028945-A: Terpene alcohol glyceryl ether and cosmetic containing it patent, JP-S6029339-A: Constant-speed running device for motor-cycle patent, JP-S6031636-A: Electromagnetic induction type digitizer patent, JP-S6034148-A: Coagulation of soya milk patent, JP-S6036182-A: Printer patent, JP-S6036184-A: Thermal transfer type correcting member patent, JP-S603646-A: Production of toner patent, JP-S6037266-A: Rotary arm type cutting robot patent, JP-S6037536-A: Control device for film winding and rewinding of camera patent, JP-S6038434-A: Fiber-reinforced high-impact polyamide resin wheel patent, JP-S6038532-A: Oven toaster patent, JP-S6039873-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S603-A: Dielectric porcelain composition patent, JP-S6041613-A: Pearl extract having high absorbability and its production patent, JP-S60424-A: Waveform controlling system of optical beam scanner patent, JP-S604266-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-S6043342-A: Candy drawing apparatus patent, JP-S6043362-A: Fiber-bundle food having similar texture as crab leg patent, JP-S6043514-A: Concrete block for revetment and revetment structure patent, JP-S6043681-A: Electrophotographic method patent, JP-S6045218-A: Guest-host type liquid crystal display device patent, JP-S6046053-A: Cooling structure patent, JP-S6047991-A: Eccswater-injecting piping with hole patent, JP-S6048028-A: Exposure device of electrophotographic copying machine patent, JP-S604896-A: Waste liquor concentrating solidifying device patent, JP-S6049188-A: Pipe joint patent, JP-S6049443-A: Programmable latch circuit patent, JP-S60500061-A: patent, JP-S60500651-A: patent, JP-S60501181-A: patent, JP-S60501213-A: patent, JP-S6050599-A: Voice recognition equipment patent, JP-S6051097-A: Key telephone device patent, JP-S6054664-A: Making of carbonated ice containing naturally occurring flavors, carbonated beverage containing naturally occurring flavors and the same in pressure vessels patent, JP-S6055682-A: Torque sensor patent, JP-S6056561-A: Recording apparatus patent, JP-S6058212-A: Liquid-liquid separator patent, JP-S6058765-A: Telephone device patent, JP-S6058878-A: Thermal printer patent, JP-S6060293-A: Single stage oil-less type rotary compressor patent, JP-S6061081-A: Production of foamed material having multi-stage rugged pattern patent, JP-S6061239-A: Manufacture of form molding consisting of polylefin patent, JP-S6061247-A: Fiber reinforced resin board patent, JP-S6061286-A: Recording material patent, JP-S606149-A: Scattering method of agricultural and horticultural chemicals patent, JP-S606249-A: Prevention of metal from flowing between mold wall and nozzle patent, JP-S6064022-A: Structure of mounting part for car window panel patent, JP-S6064289-A: Preparation of wristwatch case patent, JP-S6064618-A: Solid-gas catalytic reaction apparatus patent, JP-S6065276-A: Capacitive discharge type ignitor patent, JP-S6065654-A: Telephone multiplex communication method patent, JP-S6067987-A: Halftone expression patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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